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Your Simple Hosting has been created to offer you help and advice when it comes to web hosting

Hi, my name is Matt Cranfield, and I’ve been working in IT since 2003. Within that time, I’ve provided IT support for small to large global companies, both private and public. In addition, I ran a small web hosting company for four years, which was when I created Your Simple Hosting.

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Selling web hosting services is very competitive and expensive. I could not keep up with the large companies and decided to close down my web hosting business and left the website just sitting there.

I do enjoy web hosting, and I wanted to do something with Your Simple Hosting. So I decided to turn Your Simple Hosting into a site offering help and advice with Web Hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting allows companies and individuals to build a website that is accessible over the internet. Websites are stored on a server provided by a hosting company, for example, Bluehost. For a more in-depth look into web hosting, please read my article on web hosting and how it works.

Does web hosting come with an email?

Yes, most web hosting packages do come with the option of setting up an email address based on your domain. The features you will receive are limited. If you require an email address based on your domain name, I suggest looking at using Gmail for business or Office 365

Can I host my site for free?

You can start your website on free hosting, but you will be limited on features, for example, storage and bandwidth. In addition, some free hosting providers will display ads on your site.

What type of web hosting should I start with?

The answer depends on the type of website you will be creating; an individual just starting will be ok with a shared hosting plan. However, companies expecting a lot of traffic or running an eCommerce site will want to look at VPS or Dedicated servers.

Can I get a free domain name?

Yes, many Web hosting providers offer a free domain name when you sign up with them. But you will have to pay for the renewal of the domina, which is usually annual.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan or switch hosting providers?

Hosting providers want to keep you as a client and make it easy to upgrade your hosting package or move you on to a new service on a pro-rata basis. If you’re looking to change your hosting provider, the new provider will want you as a client and offer services for migrating your website over.

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