About Your Simple Hosting

I’m Matt Cranfield, I founded ‘Your Simple Hosting’. I started out working in the Information technology industry. I earned both Microsoft and Comptia certifications. I started my career working on helpdesk and in support roles, this progressed into server management and backend systems.

As I started out with support roles and then progressed in the back end system roles, this helped me gain excellent Customer service skills and an in-depth knowledge of web servers and DNS. The type of roles that I have done are Helpdesk administrator, network analyst, systems analyst, IS Senior Support Analyst and Active Directory administrator. These positions have allowed me to support both internal and external customers.

I have experience in supporting windows web server for both internal and external web applications, from small to large size corporations as well as managing DNS for a global corporation.

I was getting fed up with hosting companies providing over the top packages and charging high monthly rates which would cost less if you took out a 1 or 2 year contract. This meant, in some cases, you would be paying anything up to $150 in one payment to qualify for the reduced rate.

The other issue that I noticed was that the cheaper packages did not provide all the functions and features that are generally required. For example most of the cheaper packages only allow 1 MySQL database, what happens if you want to host a blog and sales database or even a support system. The simple answer is you cannot. You need to upgrade to the bigger package, pay around $10 a month or take the discount and pay up front; and not everyone can afford to be paying between $100 – $150 in a single transaction.

I used hosting companies for my own websites; the basic packages did not meet my requirements but the unlimited expensive packages that I had to use where overkill, the unlimited Bandwidth, disk space and database where never fully utilised. So I came up with Your Simple Hosting, you pay monthly for a package that you want!

Your Simple Hosting offers top quality monthly payment hosting and 1st class customer service.

Matt Cranfield

Your Simple Hosting, Offering Affordable Hosting Solutions Since 2011.