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The best marketing plans are ones that do their homework first. Market research tools and their proper usage can make or break any business’s new product or IP.

Whether adapting your product to trends and consumer preferences or finding out more about those preferences, funnels are a powerful tool that can be used to gain insight into customers’ thoughts, decisions, and intentions at each stage of the journey.

While sales funnels track a customer’s journey from initial exposure to purchase, ClickFunnels empowers businesses to automate and manage the entire sales process, controlling every stage of the buyer’s journey.

To help you choose the best option for your needs, this article will describe their differences and provide more thorough explanations.

Sales Funnels vs. Clickfunnels

What Are Sales Funnels?

A sales funnel is a three-part tool that seeks to define, outline, and visualize the businesses’ interaction with potential customers so that these interactions may be tracked, observed, and understood from start to finish.

This keen observation aims to extract market data about consumer tastes and preferences. Essentially, the goal is to know what makes a consumer into your customer.

Think of your funnel as a linear path in the air. Your goal is to keep the consumer on this path without having them fall out of the funnel.

Funnels are all about engagement. Keep them engaged until they buy. They have four stages that act as visualizers for each segment of the consumer journey:

Awareness: Social media engagement, word-of-mouth followers, family promotion, prospects that found you through a simple search – if it makes someone with money aware of your service’s existence, it’s a part of this stage of your funnel.

Interest: They bit the bait, but now you must keep them hooked. This is where you place your marketing efforts into. You need informative, engaging content that tells people what your business does and why they need it. It has to create a need for your product with the customer.

Decision: Do you have midnight deals? Two for Tuesdays? Seasonal discounts? Free shipping? This is your chance to turn them into a customer. You do that by making the most convenient offer possible and offering them the incentive to choose you!

Action: Successfully converting a prospect into a customer is a significant achievement. However, customer retention is equally vital for business growth. Maintaining customer loyalty through excellent service and long-term relationship-building can reduce marketing costs and increase revenue via repeat purchases and referrals.

What Are Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one sales funnel creator that allows businesses to automate the entire sales process, from building regular websites, opt-in pages, landing pages, and membership websites to facilitating potential customer generation campaigns.

It offers a range of pre-made, customizable designs. In addition, it includes a page builder, web host, content management system, shopping cart, email autoresponder, web analytics, and other marketing tools.

Unlike traditional tools that require technical knowledge, ClickFunnels provides an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to build effective sales funnels with just a few clicks. It helps turn visitors into prospects and guides them toward becoming customers, enabling companies to collect payments and track funnel performance.

ClickFunnels provides advanced traffic analytics, helping businesses retarget their traffic to boost sales, and offers an option to send follow-ups to prospects to warm them before they purchase. It is a powerful marketing solution that simplifies the sales funnel process and helps businesses achieve profits faster.

Sales Funnels or Clickfunnels Which One Is Better

Sales Funnels or Clickfunnels Which One Is Better?

Let’s explore which one is better through three stages:

Initial Stage: Connecting With a Potential Customer

Choosing between a sales funnel and a Clickfunnels tool depends on your business type. For instance, a clothing business may opt for a sales funnel to position itself as a premium brand with high prices, while a thrift store may prefer to use Clickfunnels to gain more online traction.

You also want to consider the medium through which information will pass. In sales funnels, marketing moves like sales calls are popular. This may not be the best for product-oriented businesses that need to build a customer base.

As a tool, Clickfunnels may not be effective for businesses or services that require customers to be well-informed about the product or service before purchasing. Although it can provide value, customers must first understand the product or service.

In such cases, a sales funnel would be a better option to educate customers and guide them toward purchasing.

Middle Stage: Guiding Customers Through the Funnels

A sales funnel may seem like an off-choice, but that is only if you think of it in the traditional sense. Many sales funnels solely work online, especially those created by automation software.

It’s essential to remember that Clickfunnels doesn’t always aim to convert a prospect into a customer. Instead, it focuses on bringing all potential customers in the funnel to the same point of purchase by guiding them through the funnel and providing them with all the necessary information to make an informed buying decision.

It can help achieve the objective of engaging and retaining customers. In the online space, customers lose interest quickly due to the abundance of marketing tactics, poor information, and product placement, which can drive them away in seconds.

That’s why it’s crucial to strategically design and optimize your Clickfunnels to ensure they engage and retain customers effectively.

End Stage: Conversion

Clickfunnels can help online stores and businesses that use the internet as a medium for customer interaction to showcase their portfolio to customers effectively. They create great awareness and brand recognition.

For companies needing to get their brand presence out there in the marketplace and build an informed image in the customer’s head, the marketing tactic-extensive sales funnel may be handier.


Remember that all marketing tools should complement each other rather than work against each other. For example, Clickfunnels and sales funnels are classic tools businesses use to promote their products or services. However, their effectiveness depends on the execution, not just the theory.

Employing both Clickfunnels and sales funnels to their fullest potential can generate significant traffic for your business and enhance brand awareness among your target market. In addition, by utilizing these tools effectively, you can establish your brand as a prominent name in the industry, drawing more attention and interest from potential customers.

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